Dr. Siobhan Dawson, MBChB MRCPsych

Dr. Siobhan Dawson, South Africa's pioneering Integrative Psychiatrist, empowers leaders and purpose-driven individuals to rediscover their soul's calling, fostering integrity and grace in leadership. With a background rooted in London, she passionately merges mysticism and science to enhance mental well-being. 

Health philosophy and advocacy

Through immersive retreats and workshops, she blends optimization techniques, functional medicine insights, and psychedelic psychotherapy to catalyze spiritual initiation and personal growth, unlocking our inherent potential.

Siobhan, or Dr Shiv, is a Transformational Psychiatrist who inspires leaders, communities of influence and impact-driven individuals. She supports them to heal gracefully and evolve into their next level of success through functional medicine, biohacking optimisation, and spiritual evolution.

With 20 years of experience, Dr Shiv pursues mental wellness and vitality for her clients, bridging the gap between science and mysticism.

Her vision is for humanity to achieve a purposeful and enlightened way of living.

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