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Sally-Ann Creed

Amazing Smoothies Recipes

Amazing Smoothies Recipes

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Smoothies are always a favourite, and a delicious way of getting in some fast nutrition, especially for people who “have no time for breakfast”.  These are all delicious, and full of goodness!  There are 9 to choose from, and you can mix and match! 

They include:

1.     Fix My Gut Smoothie which promotes regularity, aids the healing of a leaky gut and is probiotic-rich

2.     Immune Boost for fighting seasonal bugs, reducing allergies and fantastic for pre- and post-surgery

3.     Detox, Restore and Weight Loss Smoothie – a fabulous liver-cleansing smoothie which promotes weight loss and helps eliminate cravings

4.     Burn My Fat Smoothie – safely increase your metabolic rate, stimulate lean, toned muscles and is a fabulous post-workout fuel which also encourages fat loss

5.     Balanced Beauty – super anti-ageing smoothie which strengthens hair, nails and skin while helping to balance hormones

6.     Inflammation Begone Smoothie – relieves sore joints, supports immunity and promotes recovery from illness and injury

7.     Energize me Now – makes you feel alive and full of energy, it’s antioxidant-rich promoting focus and concentration

8.     My Baby’s Brain Smoothie for pregnant mums and children over 2 years + – boosts baby’s brain power, stabilises mood, rich in magnesium, omega 3 and antioxidants and promotes focus

9.     Immune Smoothie for Kids – helps to ward off colds and flu, packed with immune-boosting Vitamin C and fibre, and contains healthy electrolytes

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