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Discover Dr. Leah Murray's nourishing bone broth recipe, featured in her Gut Reset Recipe Book! This free download provides an easy-to-follow guide to making a delicious, collagen-rich bone broth that supports gut health. Perfect for anyone looking to incorporate more gut-friendly nutrients into their diet, this recipe is a must-have for your wellness routine. Download now and start enjoying the benefits today!
  • Last updated 05/2024
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Past participants of the Gut Reset Program have achieved remarkable improvements in gut health, energy levels and overall well-being.

Hi Leah, I have been meaning to send you some feedback after doing your Gut Reset Program. It has honestly been the best thing I have done in years. It feels as if everything has been reset in a positive way. I feel lighter physically, healthy internally and generally more supple. My energy levels are way up, my moods feel balanced, focus has improved and I wake up feeling rested after a good sleep. I started off with the 3 day broth fast, which felt so good I extended it to 7 days. I have kept my diet simple and not reintroduced any dairy or wheat again as I am just loving the clean feeling of herbal teas, water, vegetables, and meaty broth. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, inspiration and your amazing Gut Reset Program

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Hey Doc. Lost 8kg's, brain fog gone, back on the bicycle and feeling great! Thanks for the gut program, its awesome

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Hi Leah. Your gut reset program is incredible!! I love the layout and illustrations. 😀

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I've struggled with IBS and heartburn for 10years. 2 weeks into the Gut Reset Program my symptoms disappeared and I managed to wean off my meds - only wish I'd know about it sooner!

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