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Jess Tyrrell

Natural Medicine Making

Natural Medicine Making

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 The Natural Medicine Making course is an exciting journey in discovering the healing power of natural remedies. It is a self-enrichment learning journey intended for busy people who care about their health and who want to become competent and confident in the principles of natural medicine so that they can use natural healing effectively, for themselves and their loved ones. 

The course is broken down into two parts:

Part 1 - Roots looks at the foundations or roots of natural medicine that equips you with the basic information you need to know before you get to the hands-on-remedy-making:  some helpful definitions, tips for identifying specific plants, traditional knowledge, sustainability practices and safety.

Part 2 - Formulations will teach you how to make natural remedies and covers how to make:

  • setting up a home apothecary (aka home kitchen basics)
  • compresses and poultices
  • infusions and decoctions
  • tinctures (alcohol extracts)
  • medicated wines and vinegars
  • salves (ointments) and balms

Course requirements: None! You don’t need to be a botanist, just an enthusiast! The course is for anyone who has an interest in healthy living, improving health in a natural way and traditional craft.

For foragers, mothers, fathers, wilderness guides, all people who love plants, crafters, DIY enthusiasts and self-sufficiency practitioners. And it's for anyone who enjoys spending a beautiful day outside.

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